ILG’s global member firms are leaders in their jurisdictions in the arena of sports and recreation liability. Global clients that rely on our efficient and effective defense response include composite insurers and Lloyds syndicates. We defend these insurers and their policyholders in every aspect of sports and recreation, including claims relating to physical injuries, concussions, sexual harassment/assault, child protection, hazing, and defects of the facilities.

Our client base includes international theme parks and other entities within the amusements arena including skating centers, water parks, carnivals, and more. We frequently counsel these clients on mitigation of risks in order to reduce or eliminate exposures. Current engagements involve COVID-19 related exposures, human rights claims, safeguarding and disputes regarding waivers.

In the sports world, ILG attorneys defend all manner of professional sports teams and athletes, with specific experience in motorsports, golf, football, rugby, and roller and ice skating. We also represent sports leagues, colleges and schools, fitness companies, indoor recreation and sport facilities, sports-based start-ups, and other entities within the sports category.

ILG attorneys additionally provide counsel on compliance with the evolving laws governing the amusements, sports and recreation practice area, and we are experienced defending administrative disputes involving discipline and internal management issues.

Our experience also extends to providing our clients with advice pertaining to corporate, commercial and entertainment law, including professional player contracts, film/television production matters, sponsorships, contests, promotions, social media and digital marketing. We also handle damage claims relating to negative publicity, data leaks and violation of privacy which have recently increased as a result of tightened data protection laws.

Our attorneys are members of the International Amusement and Leisure Defense Association (IALDA), Roller Skating Association International, International Association of Trampoline Parks, the World Waterpark Association, and annually attend other sports and industry conferences.

Our lawyers also act as board members of professional and amateur sports clubs and participate in disciplinary sports tribunals.