Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is all about helping business and governments make decisions today that don’t compromise the future. It is also about reflecting community priorities and values in new legislation and boards of directors governing with sustainability in mind and with more transparency and accountability. Many believe that attention to ESG priorities will inspires worker sentiment and be a source of competitive advantage.

ESG is now having and is expected in the future to have a significant impact on the business of insurance and insureds. This is because there is a shifting momentum in the regulatory environment and public and investor sentiment. Boards of directors are being asked by investors and consumers to evaluate what is in the best interest of the corporation when you consider the impact of their decisions on people and the planet. For many companies this is new legal territory.

As business changes the risk profile of the business changes and that is why you need lawyers who understand what is happening in a particular jurisdiction and also who foster education and collaboration with firms and businesses in diverse jurisdictions around the world. That is ILG.

ILG members are cooperatively working on advising insurers on the global risk of climate change. We are addressing the impact ESG will have on how companies respond and their insurance policies. The rate of adoption of ESG priorities is not uniform in all jurisdictions. ILG members are therefore actively involved in local issues with their clients, including new environmental legislation, ethical supplier mandates, privacy and anti-bribery legislation as well as advising companies on the implementation of the principles of stakeholder capitalism. 

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