Cyber attacks and data breaches continue to threaten businesses around the world. It is not an overstatement to say that for any entity or business operation, it’s not a matter of “if” a cyber attack will occur, but “when.”

ILG’s global member firms are leaders in their jurisdictions when it comes to privacy, data security and cyber risk. Our experienced attorneys are experienced in handling cyber and data incidents, delivering effective incident response strategies and processes to help businesses recover swiftly and continue to prosper post-incident. We guide clients through incident response, containment and compliance measures after a data breach occurs and are staffed to respond to time-critical situations with 24/7 availability. In addition, our ILG attorneys handle the litigation (first and third party) that often ensues cyber and data incidents. Whether it is a breach involving just hundreds of individuals, or millions, we counsel clients in a way that is cost-effective, compliant with the law and protective of a company's brand.

Unique to our cyber capabilities is ILG’s involvement in CyXcel. Established in 2018 by ILG founding member firm, Weightmans, CyXcel brings together services, products and suppliers (legal, forensics and intelligence) in one wrapper to help businesses respond to cyber incidents, as well as helping them take pro-active steps to help improve cyber resilience. Such steps both anticipate and reduce the impact of an incident.

CyXcel has a five stage approach to drive resilience through appropriate organisational and technical measures:

  • PREPARE – Incident planning and awareness, education and training
  • SECURE – tools and processes to assess and monitor system vulnerabilities
  • COMPLY – audits and assessments to assess compliance risk
  • RESPOND – incident response and recovery strategies
  • REVIEW – continuous improvement strategies and post-incident assessment

As an international group, ILG works to deliver CyXcel to both local and international businesses across all sectors. For further information, please speak to your usual firm representative or contact the CyXcel team on +44 (0)345 073 9900 or